ME Date Activity

ME DATE: This is an essential tool for creative awakening. A weekly solo adventure to explore something that excites or interests us. Solo is a must so you don't monitor your partners consciousness. Journaling is more like the work. This is play!!! Which makes it more difficult for us sometimes. But taking the time out for yourself is restorative and can lead to you being better available and equip to be there for others. It's an active meditation.

Take yourself on an artist date. You will do this every week for the duration of the course. You can even use this as a date to go to your local shopping store -Target, (my fave) Walmart or even the Dollar Store, spend some time getting a spiral notebook or binder and get stickers or anything that bring you happiness to put on your journal cover. It may feel silly but be a kid for a little while. And make your journal.

One of your journaling activities can be simply how did that make you feel?

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